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Online Slots, also known as simulation slots or virtual slots, is the web equivalent of land-based slots, in other words it is an internet model of the same offline slots machines. Actually, online slots are computers themselves with software, which controls the game.

Internet casinos use special software from casino software providers to offer players wide variety of games. The odds for online slots are predetermined by this software. The odds for slots at land-based casinos are programmed by manufacture, and the outcomes of each spin are produced by random number generator.

Both online and offline slots games are based on the same rules and strategy. However, there are some differences in their gaming experience. Online casinos can't offer a realistic enticing environment like land-based casinos, but they present some other advantages drawing floods of newcomers.

Some slot experts say that online casinos are likely to provide better odds and larger jackpots. This feature is probably the major factor behind the constant growth of internet slots clientele. According to statistics, the payout percentage of land-based slots in New Jersey is just 91.63%, while Connecticut comes with 91.91%, Indiana with 93.29%, Iowa with 93.42%, Illinois with 93.79%, Colorado with 94.37%, and Nevada with 94.65%. The average percentage in the US is about 93.32%.

At the same time average payback in online casinos is 98% proving that web slot machines offer higher odds than slots in offline casinos. This can be explained with the larger expenses the land-based resorts have to pay for their gambling equipment. The most online slots websites disclose their average payout and the player can immediately know his odds.

Some other advantages are associated with slot gaming on the internet enabling users to indulge in gaming anytime and anywhere. The gambler can found the environment he likes only establishing an internet connection with the help of various devices like PC, Mac, WebTV etc. The slot gaming session may last as long as the player wants. Unlike any land-based casinos the variety of slots offerings is not limited for want of space, and online slot player may enjoy any possible game. By the way, the internet offers all the variations of offline slots games and provides additional games that may not be found offline. There are also some unique features, like online chat, impossible to create in the land-based casino.

Furthermore, you can play free slots online and hardly find some free options offline. The majority of land-based gambling establishments are reluctant to let their customers play for fun, especially in the small-scale resorts concentrating rather on profits than on their image. At the same time, slots websites sometimes offer free money and sign-up bonuses for their players who can get then more opportunities to win a jackpot. Most of online casinos have the wide array of other different promotions as well.

The only issue that may undermine online slots is the online casino cash system. The best way to find a secure and reliable company and to avoid any scam (unless you are going to play for free) is to visit the websites audited by respectable companies. Make sure the site offers secure payment (VeriSign, etc).

There are two types of slot machines online: Download slots and No download slots. Some casinos offer both options, but Mac and WebTV are only compatible with no download casinos.

Download Slots

If you selected a download-based casino then you have to download the free software before you can start playing.

No Download Slots (Web Slot Machines)

No download slots are becoming more common and are of very good quality overall. Until recently, the majority of slots and casino games required you to download software on you computer. This can be time consuming (especially if you have a slow internet connection) and inconvenient. It can be a bit frustrating if all you want to do is to play slots and you have to download an entire casino.

Today, the slot player can find more and more slot machine games that can be played directly in the browser without downloading any software. Some of these slots are programmed in Java, which means you need the java console enabled in your browser settings. However, the large majority of web slots are made in Flash accessible with the Flash player installed on your machine.

The variety of slots machines can be also divided in according to number of reels and play-lines.

Classic - All of the slot machines in this category have three reels and one pay-line. These slots look like classic casino slot machines and there is a fantastic range to choose from. Each slot game has its own different features such as wild symbols and wild multipliers.

Progressive - If you are looking for big jackpots then this is the section for you. Progressive slots often present jackpots of well over $100,000. You will notice that Max bet is noted in the quick summary, this is important because to win the jackpot at slot you have to hit the winning combination while betting the maximum.

Multi-Line- This category covers slot machines with multiple pay lines and only three reels. More pay lines mean more ways to win on each and every spin. Multi-line slots have high hit rates.

5 Reel Slots - This category is dedicated to 5 reel slots machines. There are games with between 5 and 21 pay lines, the chance to win free spins and other bonus games. Some of them are reminiscent of the Australian style slots commonly known as "Pokies or Pokie Machines".

There are also online slots machines with extra-features offered due to the latest innovations. The Bonus features may include free bonus spins, the option to hold the reels and second screen features where you get an additional opportunity to win even more. Bonus games add that little bit of extra excitement to playing slots. There are different variations of Bonus features:

Second Screen Bonus

One of the first types of bonuses was the second screen. This means that the slot game has an additional area to win. Most bonus screen games are Pick a Box style bonuses although there are some other variations such as Wheel of Fortune style bonus rounds.

Free Spin Bonus

Seen almost exclusively on 5 reel video slots is the free spin bonus. In general you have to hit three or more scattered symbols to get a set amount of free spins. Most slots also multiply all wins during the free games. The most common multiplier is all wins times three. The free spins can really be highly profitable.

Multi-Spin Slots

This option offers the opportunity to hold the reels. If you have ever played multi-hand video poker then you will be right at home playing multi-spin slots. They work in a very similar way. In general they have between 4 and 6 lines. You start of by spinning one set of reels, choose what to hold and then re-spin the remaining reels to see if you can get a winner. One of the best features of these games is that you can win massive amounts if you are lucky enough to get a win on the first spin as you can the hold all reels and get 4, 5 or times the win.

Bonus Accumulators

The first example we have seen of a slot machine type that works better online than at land-based casinos. The bonus accumulator slots favour the long term slot player as you collect bonuses until you reach the required amount for a big payout. The reason these slots don't work offline is that you can rarely keep a slot game all to yourself at a land casino. Online however you have your own virtual slot machine, which means that when you stop playing no one else can get your bonus. Every time you log in and play the slot game is just how you left it.

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