Slot Machine

The rules of Slot machines consist of inserting coins into the slot and then pulling the lever to set the reels in motion. The object is to line up specific patterns to win money.

Game Summary

The rules for Slots are quite simple. In fact, there are no real rules. All the player has to do is drop coins in the Slot machine and pull the handle or push the spin button.

How to Play Slots

To start the game, player deposit coins and spin the reels. There is a horizontal line (or a certain number of them) across the window of the Slot machine. If a certain combination of symbols falls on the horizontal line when the reels stop, player wins. Payouts vary by machine.

Progressive vs. Straight

Slots generally fall into two categories - straight Slots and progressive Slots:

  • Regular Slots will pay winning combinations according to a predetermined schedule;
  • Progressive Slots will pay in a similar way unless player hits the progressive jackpot.

The difference between progressive Slots and regular Slots is the size of the jackpot. In most cases, progressive jackpots are much larger than ordinary, because their size is always increasing. The more people playing on the linked machines, the faster the jackpot increases.

When playing progressive Slots, player should keep in mind that the only way to hit the big jackpot is by betting the maximum coin amounts.

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